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Quite by accident, I happened upon a post on a local female entrepreneur Facebook group with a shout out for articles aimed towards FIFO wives. For those who do not live in Australia and aren’t familiar with the FIFO term – this mean ‘Fly In Fly Out’ and is a common roster for those working in mining, oil and gas.

Having worked FIFO myself and having a husband who worked FIFO for 7 years, an article helping those at home how to plan their wedding while their partner was away seemed rather apt!

A big thank you to Yasmin at The FIFO Wives’ blog for letting me share some wedding advice on her platform and if you or your partner is FIFO, there are lots of really helpful articles besides mine!

Timberland boots Perth wedding planner white wedding dress

Fun Fact: I wore Timberland boots with a heel on my wedding day as an ode to my husband. Handy, the chunky heel was super comfortable all day too!

Follow this link HERE to read my ‘8 tips to planning your wedding when your partner is FIFO’.

And for more info and blogs shining the spotlight on the good, the bad and the bloody ugly experiences of the FIFO lifestyle, go check out The Fifo Wives’ blog HERE.