“Events are crazy beautiful – they can be anything you want them to be because every client brief is so different”

Alice Heydon luxury wedding planner sitting on steps at Stackwood Fremantle

Originally from Oxford in the UK, I came to Australia with $500, slept on a friend’s couch and no clue what I was going to do. Fast forward 10 years – a new life and new businesses.

I am married to my Aussie hunk of 9 years – he is my rock. He has supported me unconditionally, and despite my flair for drama and my outgoing personality, he’s the peanut butter to my jelly and keeps me grounded. I love him more than ever. We have 3 fur kids, Tony, Lottie and Pablo, who despite being tiny chihuahuas STILL need 2 walks a day! We have 2 fake plants because I CAN’T GARDEN and too many cushions on our couch. My husband will tell you he hates them but secretly he’s a cushion lover. I recently became a mum to our beautiful baby girl Freyja and while I’ll be the first person to tell you I’ve never been that maternal, I love my new job and she’s my new reason to show up for work every day.

My first job was in a clothes store. I was there a week. Then I moved to a cafe and found my calling. I ran a department store cafe for 3 years from age 17, upgraded to 5* hotels and then a degree in hospitality. I walked into events by mistake and my world changed. I did work experience at my uncle’s audio visual company and fell in love with how sound and lighting can elevate an event from 1 to 100. My mother took a flower arranging course and she’d come home with the most amazing floral pieces – that’s where I fell in love with flowers.

Coming from a very theatrical family – my uncle’s a professional actor and my cousin’s on broadway – you could say events are my theatrical creative outlet. Since I took the leap,  I’ve never been happier.  The adrenalin rush is like no other, it’s so exciting. Watching all the work come together is the best feeling, and seeing my client’s faces when see the finished product is even better.

I know weddings, events, parties can be expensive and spending your hard earned cash on one day can feel very daunting. My aim is to take all your stress away, making sure your comfortable with investing in the right people, creating a day you absolutely love and having a fantastic time doing it.

Spend time with those who dance, sing, drink gin and eat cake. And I shall happily do all 4 with you.

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